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March Extravaganza: Old Fourth Ward Art Stroll

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Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward is a traditional poorer African American neighborhood. In recent years, the city of Atlanta has attempted to revitalize this area just east of downtown. It is already hyped by Creative Loafing as the next hot ‘hood after Castleberry Hill has become too gentrified. In early March, we walked over there (yes, it is indeed great to live downtown) to attend the first Old Fourth Ward Art Stroll.

At the ABV Gallery, we visited the opening of an exhibit by Atlanta artists celebrating William S. Burroughs’ Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. We awarded the event with a 9.5 out of 10 on the hipst-o-meter because of the high density of flannel shirts, black mustaches, and organic cocktails. Have a look at our most favorite piece and visit the gallery’s website for more pix and a review of the opening.

Welcome to Dirrty Dirrty Atlanta.

On our walk back we were rewarded with stunning views of downtown. Our 22-story apartment complex on the lower right-hand corner behind the trees looks just so small compared to the skyscrapers in the back.

Downtown ATL.


Springbreak at the Blue Ridge Mountains V: Romanticist Intervention

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Wanderer Above the Mist. 19th century.

Wanderer Above the Mist. 21st Century.


Hipster Happening: Ponce Crush Art Stroll

We used the past two weeks to examine the local ATL arts scene. Some of the neighborhoods offer so-called arts strolls, where several galleries are open to the public at night.

First, we attended the Ponce Crush Art Stroll in the Poncey-Highland neighborhood. We really liked the art from mainly young and contemporary artists. The art was innovative and inexpensive. Tempting…

A couple of days later we joined the Castleberry Hill Art Stroll which was, compared to the Ponce Crush, a bit more upscale, less visited, and less innovative.

Urban Intervention 6: Ponce Crush Art Stroll

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Urban Intervention 5: Shrinking Cities

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On Sunday we went to see a performance by gloATL called Float. It is inspired by the famous 1956 short-film Le Ballon Rouge (seek out the glorious Blu-Ray) and took place on the Atlanta beltlineFloat was part procession, part dance act. Here’s a photo. Stay tuned for more, but right now we have to pack our bags for our Thanksgiving trip to Memphis.

Urban Intervention 4: Float / Le Ballon Rouge

on November 21, 2011 by Tamás

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Urban Intervention 3: Hotel Stories

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Urban Intervention 2: SurFACEs

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I am totally intrigued by the skyscrapers of Atlanta and especially their surfaces. Although the outer shell of the buildings is truly pragmatic – windows! ledges! balconies! -, their reduced, sequential, minimalistic, and abstract structures have definitely a poetics about them. I tried to bring out those poetics by drawing on the postmodern art form of pop art. Enjoy!

Surface 1: Department of Labor

Surface 2: Peachtree Center

Surface 3: Atlanta Center

Surface 4: Marriott Hotel