Where in Texas?!

In Sina's Posts, Trips on May 18, 2012 by SN

Let’s see how well YOU know Texas, dear readers! I will upload a picture once in a while not telling where it was taken. Guess the place and leave a comment. The person with the first correct answer will receive a postcard from Texas from me. Sorry, dear Texans, but you are exluded from this game. ;-)

Here is the first pic. Where was it taken?

Where in Texas is Sina?!


4 Responses to “Where in Texas?!”

  1. you are on top of the “tower of the americas” in san antonio. I should admit that I cheated a little to get first hint. If you find out how, I’ll send you a postcard from potsdam :P

  2. Dear Christian!

    Yes, you are right. I was at the Tower of the Americas in San Antonio. Congratulations! How did you find out? I guess Google Image Search? Please email me your address and you will receive your TX postcard asap. Watch out for more quizzes.

    Best wishes from El Paso to you and everyone reading,

  3. Dear Sina,
    I right-clicked the image and got: “sam_8057.jpg”. since you hadn’t remove the filename, is was rather easy to compared the number with other pitcures on your blog and deduce where it might have been taken. the rest was done with google maps. :P
    ps: Döhler/Marusch; Sellostraße 2, 14471 Potsdam

  4. oops … inflectional morphology isn’t my strong suit

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