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I cannot believe it is the final week already!! I still remember early January, when I was not sure of how to survive the upcoming stressful spring semester. Now it is over already! I want to share with you the two most delightful moments about finishing up my work as an Assistant Professor of German.

The first one are the final GER 102 presentations. In addition to the study of pronunciation, communication, grammar, and orthography, I decided to give my students some freedom in pursuing their individual research projects. In the last week of April the students held presentations about their research projects. They ranged from economic aspects, such as the Germans’ perception of the Euro debt crisis to social issues, such as discrimination towards Germans in America, all the way to cultural topics on German film history, memory in German film, translating Heinrich Heine poems, knitting cultures, and on German nobility. All of presentations were so diverse, innovative, and cool!  I was so impressed by my students! And the best part of project week: The students were able to vote on the presentations of their peers with up to three Post-Its each. This “popular” vote constituted 1/4 of the grade for the oral presentation. After all of the students had held their presentations, I had this wonderful mosaic of all the votes:

Students Vote for Students: Results of the Oral Presentations.

The second memorable moment was having a final beer with some of my students at Der Biergarten German restaurant in downtown ATL. Besides tasting Bier and Bretzeln with Obazda, we were especially interested in how this venue creates the idea of German. Of course, Germany = Bavaria! We had lots of fun and had this picture taken in front of a pastoral anachronistic imagination of a German landscape:

Schönes Bayern, err, Deutschland: Final Bier with Students at Der Biergarten, Atltanta.

Thanks Keith, for taking this picture! Shout outs to my most favorite GER students!


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