I’ve Been to the Mountaintop! III

In Shout Outs, Sina's Posts, Trips on May 1, 2012 by SN

On Sunday morning, 1 April, I went downtown to see the latest developments at Ground Zero. The last time I visited Lower Manhattan was in 2009 with Tamás. Walking to the former WTC site I was stunned by the ongoing construction:

The New Skyscraper in Lower Manhattan: One WTC.

New 'Skraper in Town: One WTC.

Artist's Gaze: One WTC.

As of today, May 1, 2012, One WTC is again the tallest building in New York City. The New York Times praises “A tower has again become an inescapable presence at the southern end of Manhattan.”

After a stroll around Ground Zero, I went for lunch with Tony, one of my long-time friends whom I met in 2005 during my DAAD internship. We had sushi in the Village, lots of surreal and absurd stories to catch up, and many hearty and loud laughs.

Holler at Ya! Tony and Sina in Greenwich Village.

Meeting Tony and his wife Emmie makes me realize how much I miss living in the citay! Shout Outs to my most favorite Tony and Emmie!


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