Springbreak at the Blue Ridge Mountains IV

In Sina's Posts, Tamás' Posts, Trips on April 22, 2012 by SN

On our way back to Atlanta we did another two hikes. The first one was to the Waterrock Knob, the highest peak of the Plott Balsams, with an elevation of 1,918 meters. While we had clear skies the day before, the mountain tops were covered in big, white, and silent clouds that day – which offered more stunning views of disappearing and reappearing mountains.

Cloudy Top at the Waterrock Knob, NC.

On the border between North Carolina and Georgia we hiked up Whiteside Mountain. This mountain, elevated 1,503 meters, has one of the highest cliffs in the Eastern seaboard. The granite mountain might remind you of the famous Halfdome at Yosemite Park and offers a stunning 2000 ft vertical drop. The mountain is also the site of the Eastern watershed where rivers flow either eastward to the Atlantic, or westward.

Drop it Like its Hot: Whiteside Mountain, NC.

We had a pleasant drive back on small and winding streets, along beautiful rivers, and a highway though the forest listening to Kraftklub’s Mit K. Metro Atlanta welcomed us with a clogged I-85 and dense downtown traffic…

In conclusion, going to North Carolina was a great idea. We caught up on nature and hiking, something that we lack living in the big ATL. All in all, we were a great team: Kudos for Sina for her driving (900 km in three days!) and kudos for Tamás and for navigating us safely through the mountains.

For more pictures see Tamás’ flickr page.


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