Southern Gothic

In Sina's Posts on January 23, 2012 by SN

Usually the climate in the metro Atlanta area is very nice with 6 out of 7 days of sunshine. I absolutely LOVE it. It keeps the depression away and makes me feel like I am on vacation in a warm place far, far away from reality.

The current conditions, however, remind me and many Atlantans not of crisp winter, but of spring. According to TV News, it is too warm for the season with about 18 degrees Fahrenheit above average. This warm temperature then results in very wet, grey, and humid weather conditions.

Saturday morning I awoke to thunderstorm, lightning, and heavy rain. The severe weather continued until the afternoon with lightning, heavy rain, hail, flash flood warnings for downtown ATL, and Tornado warnings for southwestern and southern Georgia. I spent almost half a day, standing on the window watching the wet spectacle. I was especially amazed how the skyscrapers vanished behind the thick clouds. I would marvel at the curtains of rain that weaved downward on our 22-story apartment building to the downtown streets. The juxtaposition of nature (severe weather condition) and civilization (skyscrapers) was truly daunting.

Today it is dry, but the heavy fog remains which reminds me of a gothic setting. Seeing the half of the city disappearing behind the fog is a really eerie sight.

Tomorrow, Monday, new thunderstorms and tornadoes are expected for the region.


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