Shout Outs 4: Diss and Dat

In Shout Outs, Sina's Posts on November 16, 2011 by SN

I want to use the opportunity to publish the acknowledgements section of my thesis here, in order to share my gratitude towards the many inspiring people who contributed in this project with a wider audience:

“This dissertation is the result of a five-year long journey on which I encountered wonderful people in various spaces and places.

This study is deeply influenced by the sacred halls of the Dortmund American Studies Department. I want to thank first and foremost my inspiring advisor, Prof. Dr. Randi Gunzenhäuser, who was a crucial force in helping me to discover my own voice. Our countless meetings at the Teppichmensa enabled me to develop my own ideas. I equally thank Prof. Dr. Walter Grünzweig for giving me the great opportunity to move to Dortmund and to expand my academic and personal horizon. In his office, the dissertation situation room, we discussed strategic issues regarding draft chapters and larger arguments. I also thank the entire Dortmund American Studies staff for their extremely constructive and valuable input on my drafts and outlines during the many Oberseminare.

This project originated from and was carried forward by various spaces and places in New York City. I am deeply thankful to the DAAD NY Office for giving me the opportunity to be their 2005 intern which triggered my initial interest in the Bronx. I thank the Farrelly family for their unlimited hospitality while staying at their apartment. I thank especially Prof. Mark Naison of Fordham University, Sergio Bessa of the Bronx Museum of the Arts, Peter Derrick of the Bronx County Historical Society, Prof. Kenneth T. Jackson of Columbia University as well as institutions, such as the New York Public Library and the City Museum of New York, for their helpful recommendations and insightful comments on my work in 2007. I am especially grateful to the American Consulate General in Leipzig for allowing me to attend the Olomouc conference on New York City which jump started my PhD work in 2006.

This study would not have been possible without the many communal spaces. I thank the Schreibruppe, especially my colleague Eriko, for the everlasting motivation, unrestrained confidence, and ongoing support on my texts. I am thankful for the SpaceCollective, especially my ‘spatial double’ Eric, not only for our many illuminating conversations but also for the various explorations of real and hyper-real, academic and non-academic spaces.

Most importantly, I thank the people in different places who are home to me: I thank Elisabeth for our long-lasting friendship which has managed to stay strong despite the spatial distance between Vienna and Dortmund. I thank my parents in Limbach-Oberfrohna who continue to trust in my life path although it is so different from theirs. Most importantly, I am grateful for the unlimited support of my partner Tamás in Chemnitz with whom I look forward to exploring new spaces.”


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