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Today, Eriko submitted my PhD dissertation “Space out of Control: The Bronx in Literature, Film, and Hip-Hop, 1978-1984” at the Faculty of Culture Studies at TU Dortmund!

Last Tuesday I finished the last round of revisions from my advisers Randi and Walter. In the afternoon I called Randi in Germany, discussed final paragraphs my conclusion, and received encouragement from her for the next hours. Later that day Tamás helped me to format the manuscript. At around 10 pm I wrote an email with a link to the files to Ariane and Eriko who agreed to volunteer for the printing of the three copies in Dortmund.

If you are wondering what my thesis looks like, here is a visualization of the text with wordle:

My dissertation visualized.

The final part was less stressful than I thought. Compared to the submission of my M.A. thesis in 2005, I had done much of the revising and formatting already over the past months. When writing my dissertation, I experienced phases of stress while the rest consisted of uneventful continuous writing. That is probably why the day did not end with me being exhausted, but in a rather unspectacular way.

My post-dissertation life does not feel a lot different, although sometimes I have moments where I am proud of myself for having accomplished this massive project. I think that my dissertation has grown and evolved as my thinking has developed over the past years. In fact, writing this dissertation was a big part of growing up in the past five years. I increasingly understood the manifold complexities of life including the insight that there is hardly ever an easy solution. I came to understand that it is crucial to grasp the complexity and scope of things in order to make a decision.

Although I have accomplished this project, I am not sure at this point in time if I ever want to conduct another project of this scope. Ask me again in a couple of weeks.

This post is dedicated to Eriko and Ariane!


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    I got rid of mine recently too :)

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