Run DMV II: “If one door closes, another one opens.”

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Continued from Run DMV I.

In my deepest desperation, when I had failed the road test before showing my driving skills, I met a driving instructor from Taggart’s Driving School. He assured me that “we’ll go to another place where the people are nicer”.

Retrospectively, I must say that there were two reasons why I failed the test at South DeKalb. First of all, I think I, as a White female foreigner, was treated poorly by the African American examiner. I failed even before I got to show my driving skills. It seems that some African Americans are quite hostile towards Latinos and, because of that, everything foreign. I also heard stories of a Columbian young woman who had a very hard time at this DDS and I have heard of tensions between African American and White women. I cannot say for sure what the reasons were, but we did not get along.

Secondly, I think I failed the test because my “wonderful” car, sold to me by my colleague, is not safe for driving on the streets. I increasingly have the impression that I was ripped off when I bought it. The examiner who was already annoyed, asked me to pull down the window – which I could not because the window opener – like the horn and the seatbelt buckles – does not work anymore. So I failed.

Meeting Jim was a very fortunate incident. To make sure that I had a car that would pass the traffic security test and to be prepared for the road test, I met up with Jim two days before. We did a huge tour in and around Atlanta, drove on the I-285, the Perimeter, and all the way to the town of Tucker outside the Perimeter. I have never been to so many different places in Atlanta with a car. Jim’s conclusion: I am a very experienced driver and should not worry about the test.

DDS South DeKalb to DDS Locust Grove, one week later: Two days later we went to the suburb Locust Grove located about one hour south of Atlanta. Right before the test, Jim showed me the examination route in this rural neighborhood with little traffic and a lot of STOP signs. The examiner was again a young African American woman, but she was very friendly and understanding. The exam started with a parcour on a parking lot where I demonstrated parallel parking and a wild turn, stopped the car after acceleration, and pulled the car 150 feet back in a straight line. After about 15 minutes of driving around we returned back to the parking lot and she even complemented me on my driving skills.

DDS Locust Grove to DMV, a few day later: On November 8, I finally went back to the first station of my journey, the DMV Fulton County to renew my tag. To my surprise, I received a whole new licence plate with the tag which means that I can throw the old one out. The new tag and plate are valid until January 2012, my birth month. That means I have to renew the licence plate again in a few weeks. And my driver’s licence is only valid until June 2012. Can it get more complicated?

My 1987 BMW.

My BX Licence Plate.

My GA Driver's License.


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