Two Germans Over Georgia

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Can you spot the two trains?

On Saturday we visited the Six Flags Over Georgia theme park. For the 2nd time, actually, but on Saturday the park was open for a change (long story…). Six Flags is a chain that was founded in Texas; the name refers to the six different flags that are tied to Texas’ history. Georgia was the second park to open back in 1967.

As good Europeans, we went to Six Flags by public transportation. We soon noticed that most of the passengers were African American teenage employees. Even though parking is at least $15 and a shuttle bus connects Six Flags to MARTA conveniently, it apparently does not occur to the visitors not to use their cars. We cannot say we are surprised anymore about that.

It’s been years since either of us had been to such an amusement park, and I had never really done large thrill rides. Free fall, loopings, inversions, lots of firsts for me that day. Therefore, we treated the attractions with respect and were stunned to find videos from the rides on YouTube. How can they ride these roller coasters and still have the nerve to film? Make sure to click on the links later in this post to see POV shots.

The park boasts 40+ rides and we focused on the so-called “thrill rides”, i.e. the 12 more intense roller coasters. 

Goliath - the hypercoaster.

At the end of a very efficient day we managed to squeeze in a total of ten rides, despite waiting in line for as much as 60-80 minutes on popular rides in the afternoon. Nine out of ten were “thrill rides”, which means we have another three left for next time. On the roller coasters, we were hurled through the air in all kinds of positions. We sat in the very first and the very last rows of coasters and we had odd encounters with other guests. Two teenage girls were in line with us, always close, on three consecutive rides even though they were spread across the 1 km² large park.

On the Superman: Ultimate Flight we were hanging down and thus lying on our backs at the bottom of a loop.

Superman: Ultimate Flight with people in the loop.

We were “sitting upside down” with our feet in the air during an inversion on the Gotham City coaster. We experienced zero gravity on the top of Goliath. On Acrophobia we fell 200 ft down while standing up. We later dubbed this attraction “ball buster” because a number of male riders could not walk straight afterwards. I am fine, thank you.

The park was decorated nicely for the Halloween Fright Fest which is celebrated all October.

Fright Fest decorations.

At night, artificial fog crept through the park and zombies chased the kids and teens down the streets. Six Flags also held Muslim Family Day which meant that we saw lots of screaming girls with flying headscarves. Speaking of headgear, the must have accessory this fall seems to be the “squid head”.

Online coupon special ticket $28. Burrito lunch $10. Keeping your dignity at Six Flags: Priceless.

We were a bit annoyed with the holders of a so-called Flash Pass, a system that allows you to skip the queues for an extra charge. The most expensive Flash Pass even allows visitors to remain seated. It is not uncommon for people to be ready and excited to ride the trains, only to witness people stay in their alloted seats.

All in all, we really enjoyed the warm summer day. Sina’s voice got sore from screaming while I had the same facial expression on and off the rides:

Thrill Seekers.

Shout outs to Nici who unfortunately only joined us on our first, unsuccessful excursion.


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