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Today, I will show some pictures of my current workplace, Oglethorpe University. Although the name is a tongue breaker for most Germans because of the difficult l-th-p shift, it carries the name of a very important person: the founder of Georgia, General James Edward Oglethorpe.

The campus is really beautiful. It draws on the architecture of Corpus Christi College at Oxford University, which was General Oglethorpe’s alma mater back in the 18th century. The university was erected between 1915 and 1929 in the gothic revival style. It is indeed very gothic because our faculty building, Hearst Hall, has no elevators but creaking wooden stairs. With its sense of history it reminds me a lot of Trinity College, Dublin.

Street Entrance

Hermance Stadium

Lupton Hall with Bells

Lupton Hall: Side Entrance

Lupton Hall with Green

Hearst Hall - Home of Division of Foreign Languages

Hearst Hall - Detail

Hearst Hall 302 - Door to Germany

Hearst Hall 302 - My Office

Hearst Hall 302 - Detail

Hearst Hall 302 - Dortmund Wall of Fame


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