Excursion to Atlanta’s Upper Class: A Couple in Full

In Sina's Posts on September 28, 2011 by SN

On Friday, 23 September, we were invited to the Annual Provost Dinner. This reception is to honor the sponsors and trustees of Oglethorpe University. It took place in one of the most affluent neighborhoods in Atlanta: Buckhead. The Forbes Magazine rated this neighborhood one of the top 10 most expensive places in America and “the first address for Atlanta’s rich and powerful”. American author Tom Wolfe painted a highly ambivalent portrait of its upper-class residents in his 1998 novel A Man in Full.

When we drove to Buckhead, the first thing we noticed was that it is very green. But we had our “moment in full” when we were stunned by the huge majestic villas, their big white rows of columns, the massive white lion sculptures in the front yard, and the half-round driveways that lead visitors to the splendid mansions. Some of the estates were hidden behind large gates and occasionally the gates would spit out white convertible sports BMWs. Of course, the neighborhood lacked any sidewalks and, interestingly, any street lights.

We were invited to a more moderate residence of one of the sponsors. The obligatory white columns gave way to tasteful interior decoration which featured paintings from Latin America, sculptures from Asia, and photography from Africa. We were free to roam the house, explore the back porch, the English style garden, sample the delicious foods that service personnel served from silver platters, and rest in the rustic wine cellar. We really enjoyed ourselves, tasting great food, sipping delicious wine, and having inspiring conversations. We were especially delighted when we left the party and found that no one had towed our seemingly out-of-place 1987 BMW.


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