German Culture in Atlanta 2: Metropolis Party

In German Culture in ATL, Sina's Posts on September 25, 2011 by SN

Neulich in Atlanta… when I was at the Inman Perk Coffee Shop with a friend, I found this flyer among other yoga leaflets, esoteric self-help advertisements, and DIY-style business cards of which I already forgot the business:

Metropolis Party at The Shelter.

The coffee shop itself is worth noticing as this is the ultimate hipster hangout: a dictate of early 1980s unisex Bill Gates attire, chunky black and brown glasses, heavy wool vintage cardigans, and girls with onions of hair on their heads. Everybody was sitting on their table with their chic white or silver Macbooks sipping speciality coffee while being immersed into their various social networking sites. The scenery reminded me more of my high school computer lab than a place where you’d meet friends. Hardly anyone was talking to each other! The only sounds were the mellow tunes in the background and the freshly brewing double moccacino with organic soy milk…

This post is dedicated to Donna, who loves robots and Eric who, erm, studies hipsters.


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