Discover Your Inner Artist!

In Sina's Posts on September 18, 2011 by SN

This weekend the Atlanta Arts Festival took place in Piedmont Park, the Central, or better Van Courtland Park of Atlanta.

Location: Piedmont Park, Midtown

This annual event is one of the larger festivals in Atlanta with about 200 painters, photographers, and sculptors from the entire U.S. It underlines Atlanta’s importance as a city of art. I personally love art a lot, especially young contemporary, street, and pop art. That is probably another reason why I feel very at home here. Here are two of my favorite booths by Chris Vance and Geoffrey Harris:

Anime-Inspired Art: Chris Vance

1950s Sci-Fi Culture: Geoffrey Harris

The booths were accompanied by delicious food stands that offered oven-baked pizza, Cajun cuisine, or home-made icecream:

Southern Gelato: Honeysuckle Sweet

I decided to join an art class where we painted our own picture entitled “Funky Atlanta”. (Yeah, I know.) Inspired from the skyline in front of us, our “Tschakka! Du schaffsten es!”-motivational instructor Stacy asked her cheering art apprentices: “Have you already discovered your inner artist?”

Workshop: Canvas By You

"Looks Very Modern": Workshop Canvas By You

So … if my academic career should fall through, turning to art could be an option – either as an artist or hosting “discover your own artist” workshops. Don’t you think?

I also want to holler thanks to Sam, the girl sitting next to me originally from Dortmund’s partner city of Leeds, but has been living in ATL for 4,5 years. We had a great conversation and a lot of fun painting our “modern” (Sam on Sina’s painting) and “impressionistic” (Sina on Sam’s painting) art pieces!


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  1. great! you’d auction em off at Sotheby’s :)

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