“Go the F*** Playing!”: Photographing Fan Cultures

In Sina's Posts on September 4, 2011 by SN

This Labor Day weekend, Atlanta is the world capital of popular culture, science fiction, and fantasy. The 25th anniversary of the Dragon Con takes place around the corner in a number of hotels. I did not even know that such a convention exists nor that it had been around for 25 years already. Thousands of sci-fi, fantasy, and manga/comic fans flood the downtown streets and provide the Atlanta cityscape with a futuristic touch.

One of the highlights is the Dragon Con parade which took place yesterday, Saturday, 3rd September at 10 am. On my way to the parade, a young lady screamed out loud “Go the F*** Playing!” What a fitting exclamation for the convention – and for title for a post. While meandering through the crowd, I encountered many different figures and characters. It started with the obvious ones of D.C. Comics and Marvel, like Superman or Batman all the way to lesser known (at least to me) figures resembling 19th century explorer figures to 21st century cyborgs. Children dressed up like little ferries and some women dressed up very sexy leaving almost nothing to the imagination. I constantly had to ask myself about the reason and motivation for them to dress up like they do. Is it just fun? A sense of community? Subversion of fashion conventions?

Here are my impressions of Dragon Con:

The 200+ m Ticket Line Curling Around the Sheraton.

The City Flooded with Fans: Note the Crowd at the Park Deck in the Upper Left Corner.

Highlight: The Star Wars Section - Clone Troopers.

Highlight: The Star Wars Section - Chewbacca says Cheese.

By the way: Dragon Con is not the only event taking place on Labor Day. There is also Black Gay Pride, the 6th Atlanta Caribbean Jerk Festival, the Decatur Book Festival, and all the malls are open just like every day. In order to plan Labor Day weekend, Tamás even suggested the method of clustering…


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