Hello, Operator?

In Tamás' Posts on August 26, 2011 by Tamás

Sina has an American mobile since a few days. You’re going to have to ask her for the number yourself, but I can give you some advice when it comes to calling her.
Pardon me if this is old news for you – though i bet you call-through might not be ;)

So, when calling a phone in the US, it doesn’t particularly matter whether that’s a landline or a mobile. Vice versa would be fundamentally different.
If you will be calling Sina from a German landline it’s best not to rely on your provider. Instead look for call-by-call or call-through offers.

What is the difference you ask? Well call-by-call means using a special pre-selection code before the actual number to make the call through an independent provider. These are cheaper, much cheaper, than your regular provider. You can find a list here, updated daily, as call-by-call is a very dynamic market. Yesterday’s  number might be much more expensive today. If your regular provider is being mean, like mine is, however, call-by-call will not work. Vodafone flat out blocks all these numbers. Thank you very much!

And so my quest for alternatives began and I discovered call-through. That’s a method where you call a German landline phone, and once you are connected with their lovely bot you dial the actual destination number. The upside of this method is that you only pay the costs for a regular landline call in Germany. If you have a flat like I do, this means you can call Sina for free. The provider I use is Callorado, simply because it’s the first I found ;) There might be others out there. Let me know.


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  1. Hi there, I can confirm your experience with call-through and here from Germany: my cousin lives in Canada and I call here absolutely for free from my T-Mobile cell phone (with flat rate into the German landline) to here Rogers cell phone! The best insider hint: calling “089-889-0101-29” instead of the official number saves you the announcement at the beginning :) Cheers Lance

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