The RyanAirization of AirTravel

In Sina's Posts, Transportation on August 17, 2011 by SN

Yes, I have arrived – after a very pleasant flight. We started over the smoking Duisburg factories, marvelled at the English countryside, were astonished by the millions of icebergs and the meager Greenland mountains, got lost like random streets over the Canadian Shield, and wondered about the suburban vortexes in Atlanta. All of those visual impressions were accompanied by inspiring conversations on Germany and America with my neighbor, a very nice German American woman from Florida.

While on the Delta plane to Hartsfield Int’, I noticed that the flight standards of transatlantic flights had changed compared to earlier times. Prior to flying I even was annoyed with the 23 kg limit. The meals on board consisted of a brunch (with a choice of scrambled eggs or Cajun chicken).  My table was already broken and our fragile headphones broke after we used them once, too. I miss the old days where you find a survival kit on your seat that includes socks, toothbrush, and toothpaste. I miss the menu carefully designed and printed on special paper. I miss the all-inclusive idea of air travel as passengers hand to buy snacks for $7. In short,

"Building a Better Airline ..."

"Building a Better Airline ..."

… does not work the way you airlines are doing it right now!


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