Shout Outs 1: Aloha Vero!

In Shout Outs, Sina's Posts, Warm Up on August 15, 2011 by SN

Shout outs to my girl Veronika who is blogging about her research stay at the University of Hawaii in the next few months. I am very excited for her because she will experience quite a different side of America living on an island.

In the common perception Hawaii  is imagined as a classic honeymoon destination, a tropical paradise on earth, a heaven for athletic surfers on their boards. This notion is already highly suspicious to me. Doesnt the monstrous originate mostly in those extremely harmonic and beautiful places? Take the cult sci-fi flick It Came From Beneath the Sea (dir. Robert Gordon, 1955), for instance, where a genetically mutilated octopus from the Pacific attacks the West Coast metropolis of San Francisco…

Watch out, Vero!


One Response to “Shout Outs 1: Aloha Vero!”

  1. Mahalo!!! ;-)

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