How to Transform Your Apartment Into a Hotel Room – If It Does Not Already Look Like a Zen Meditation Room.

In Tamás' Posts, Warm Up on August 14, 2011 by Tamás

Sina is a “Do I really need this?” type of person. Me, I am more the “Might I some day need this?” type. And a vinyl DJ.

Consequently, my apartment, which is only ever so slightly bigger than Sina’s, houses maybe ten times as many things. Add to that the fact that I will be going back to Germany twice during our Atlanta experience, and will need a place to stay, and you have a different situation.

Storage spaces to rent are virtually absent in Germany (but that is a different story), and due to my stays in Germany (pretty much all of January for instance) it was clear that I, too, needed to somehow sublet my apartment. And I need to sublet without having to clean out too much. In between my physics folder from 7th grade, party flyers from the last 15 or so years and a record collection that is approaching 3,000 items, it is difficult to pack stuff under the bed (that’s where my bed linens are) or elsewhere.

I still do not have it all worked out, but luckily I found someone, after a week or so of advertising, who will sublet my place from when I leave until I get back just before Christmas.  And he said he does not need much storage space, only some room for his clothes. Perfect! Thank you Internet ;)
I will leave my record collection and other things just where they are. Maybe he will appreciate it, though he apparently does not care that much for music. Having said that, I plan on cleaning out at least some parts of my cupboards and drawers, as a sort of exercise. To see if I can get me some of that catharsis that Sina always talks about.

I have to say, I almost did not expect this sublet thing to work at all. Germans move far less often than Americans, and moving into furnished apartments is rather uncommon. Add to that that there is not really a shortage of flats to rent in Chemnitz, and you get why I was worried. In fact, I still need to figure out how this will continue once I leave for Atlanta again at the end of January. Fingers crossed that I find another individual who needs a furnished flat and does not bring along that many belongings ;)


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