Let's see if we will be able to memorize Atlanta's train grid.

Interestingly, MARTA has issued a statement only days ago, calling for the State of Georgia to invest at least something in Atlanta’s public transport. Here’s a quote that is somewhat skewed (of course you have to invest more, to operate and maintain, if your existing infrastructure is larger), but still stunning:

According to the most recent statistics (see Table 1-9) on the American Public Transportation Association website, the State of New York invests more than $3 billion a year in its transit systems — an average of $155 per person annually.

Massachusetts invests $1.2 billion in transit, or $181 per capita. California: $2.3 billion or $63 per person. Pennsylvania: $1.1 billion or $91 per capita. New Jersey: $1 billion or $120 per capita. Maryland: $844 million or $149 per capita.

By comparison, Georgia invests $6 million a year in transit — 63 cents per person. Only three other states invest less per capita than Georgia — Idaho (20 cents); Montana (43 cents); and Wyoming (54 cents). Not one of those three states could be considered urban, transit-oriented places.


Tough One

on August 10, 2011 by Tamás


4 Responses to “Tough One”

  1. Where are you guys going to be living on it!

    • Close to Peachtree Center. That’s the good news ;)
      We were in disbelief today when we realized Atlanta’s Amtrak station has two tracks, and is Georgia’s busiest (of four!) with about 300 passengers per day.

      Y’all could need some infrastructure.

  2. A+ for use of y’all!

    Y’all need to buy your food at the dekalb farmer’s market. Yum!

    And eat southern food at Mary Mac’s…even the Dalai Lama ate there!

    Thats about all i’ve got. I haven’t lived in Atlanta since 2003 (I could totally tell you where to party if you were able to time travel). But yes no Amtrak. Mostly you will have to fly to get places :( Places such as Boston…hint hint (WE HAVE A SPARE ROOM WITH A DOUBLE BED).

    But really, Sina, do you get to Georgia before Wednesday (or on Wednesday)? I could meet you at the airport!

    • Hey Donna,

      great to hear from you! Thank you for the comments and links. Maybe you will find a blog entry on those places soon. ;-)

      I will be arriving on Monday afternoon. I guess the first fews days will be chaotic, but as soon as I get an overview, I will call you. Looking forward to seeing you in ATL!


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